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Design Considerations and Maintenance Requirements for Plastic Garbage Bin Moulds

Precautions for plastic garbage bin mould design

  • The material is usually PP, with a polished surface of 1500# and a rolling drum-style printing method for its appearance.

  • Because the plastic garbage bin mould is relatively deep, the product must normal come out of the mold during the molding process, and there cannot be any top-out mechanism.

  • It can adopt either an air top style or a push plate style, and the demolding process can be accomplished using a lever.

  • The rear mold core usually uses inserts.

  • The front mold and top inserts typically use inserts for easy polishing and processing.

Processing of garbage bin moulds

  • It is processed like a normal mold.

  • Both front and rear plates are processed directly by the mold maker.

  • For polishing, a machine is used to polish the large surfaces as much as possible, ensuring uniformity of the flatness.

Assembly of garbage bin moulds

Assembling a garbage bin mould is similar to assembling a machine, and each component and every screw must be error-free. Therefore, the assembly must be meticulous. During the assembly process, it is especially important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the mold, particularly the water channels and screw holes. Iron filings inside must be blown clean; otherwise the consequences could be very serious.

Design of hot runner system and runner for garbage bin moulds

  • Use an open hot runner system directly.

  • Since the product thickness is relatively thick and the PP flow length is basically the longest among the materials, a little open injection is sufficient. But initial mold flow should be done for the front end.

Cooling water system for garbage bin moulds

  • Those who have experience with molds know how important cooling is for a mold. Due to the growth of raw materials and workers' wages, every second saved during mass production generates unimaginable profits. Nonetheless, speeding up the production cycle will cause the temperature of the mold to rise, which if not effectively controlled will make it too hot to shape, even resulting in deformation, failure, and scrap. So, a well-designed water system for garbage bin moulds is particularly important, including the density and diameter of the layout.

  • PP material has relatively high requirements for product cooling, so the front module waterway should use a diameter of 12-14MM as much as possible.

  • For the rear module waterway, a water tower spray nozzle design is used as much as possible.

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